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"History of Polanco Cigars"
Polanco Cigars Was formed by Julio and Carmen Polanco. The company was started up after the Polanco's learned the trait of making cigars in their home country of the Dominican Republic.  The trait of Rolling cigars was passed on from generation to generation long ago to Julio who not only is part owner of the company along with his wife, but he also serves as the roller of the Cuban Seeded Cigars! Polanco's uses Tobacco aged any where from 6-7 years which is the best in quality and taste! Julio Polanco personally makes several trips do the Dominican Republic to hand pick the tobacco that is grown to ensure that his customers get the best quality in a Polanco cigar.
Polanco uses three different types of wrappers. Maduro, Sumatra and Connecticut wrappers. These wrapper's are well know throughout the Cigar world as one of the more popular wrappers for Taste and quality! Polanco cigars has made hand rolling fresh cigars a house hold event with their world famous Cigar rolling shows. So come enjoy the best and closest thing to a Cuban cigar in America you will ever get! Polanco Cigars - the taste of the Caribbean.

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